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Introducing Our Dedicated Team

We've have been in your shoes before.

We've been in a place were we didn’t know how to keep up with our responsibilities at work and be present at home. However, after making changes to our productivity, goal-setting, and leadership approaches, we were able to lead at work to deliver winning results, all while making it home in time for dinner each night.

Now, we teach the same principles that helped our leadership team here at Carpe More Diem.

Meet the Team

Responsible for direction, vision, and the accomplishment of ultimate goals, our founders lead fearlessly into territories old and new. They tirelessly seek to meet the needs of our customers while protecting the interests of the team. Their heart for the integrity of our products and message resonates in everything we do.

Dave Burrows

Founder and Director

Dave Burrows is a visionary entrepreneur and the founder of the leading Facebook ads agency. With a deep passion for digital marketing and a keen eye for emerging trends, Dave has established himself as a trusted expert in the field.

Having recognized the immense potential of Facebook as a powerful advertising platform, Dave set out on a mission to help businesses harness its capabilities to drive growth and achieve their goals. With his extensive knowledge and experience, he founded oneagency.

Lucy Brakwell

Creative Director

Meet Lucy, the creative force behind the success of an ads agency as its Creative Director. With a passion for design, storytelling, and innovation, Lucy brings a unique blend of artistic vision and strategic thinking to every project.

With years of experience in the advertising industry, Lucy has honed her skills in crafting captivating visuals and compelling narratives that resonate with audiences. Her ability to think outside the box and push creative boundaries has earned her recognition as a true trailblazer.

Frequently asked questions about our team


How does your team work?

At oneagency, the team collaborates closely to create and manage effective ad campaigns on the platform. We strategise, develop creative content, target specific audiences, monitor performance, and optimize campaigns for optimal results.

What expertise can your team offer?

Our team typically consists of specialists with diverse skills, including digital marketing, copywriting, graphic design, data analysis, and campaign management. They bring their expertise together to deliver comprehensive and effective advertising solutions.

How do you ensure transparency in your work?

Transparency is a core value for our team. They provide regular updates, detailed reports, and insights on campaign performance, ad spend, and audience engagement. Open communication and clear metrics help clients stay informed and make data-driven decisions.

Can you help businesses target specific audiences?

Absolutely! Our team has expertise in audience targeting. They analyze client goals and target demographics to create tailored ad campaigns that reach the right people at the right time, maximizing the chances of conversion and engagement.

How can your ads agency collaborate with businesses?

The team works closely with businesses to understand their objectives, brand identity, and target audience. Through regular communication, brainstorming sessions, and feedback loops, they ensure a collaborative approach that aligns with the client's vision and goals.


Here’s why you should trust Carpe More Diem

The tools you need to Carpe more Diem!

Our founder, Dave Burrows, has orchestrated over $10 billion in revenue for prominent eCommerce brands through the strategic optimization of Facebook Ads.

The Facebook ads process is a comprehensive and strategic journey that begins with identifying campaign objectives and target audiences. Advertisers meticulously define their goals, whether it's boosting brand awareness, driving website traffic, or increasing conversions.

Precise audience targeting follows, leveraging Facebook's sophisticated tools to reach users based on demographics, interests, and behaviors. Once launched, campaigns are continuously monitored, with ongoing analysis of key metrics like click-through rates, conversions, and engagement. Regular optimization ensures that ad performance is maximized, with adjustments made based on real-time data insights.

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