Go From Scattered To Monk-
Like Focused In 7 Days

...and finish more work in those 7 days than 95% of people in a full month

Dear entrepreneur...

Focus is THE skill that amplifies all others.

Fixing your focus, solves most of your problems...

Think about how much value you can create in one hour of real focused work?

A full hour of uninterrupted, high-quality work..

❌ No distractions
❌ No Interruptions
❌ No procrastination
✅ Pure concentration

Now imagine how much faster you could reach your 2023 goals if you put in 2, 3, or even 4 hours of uninterrupted $1000/hr work each day.

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I know it sounds impossible but, there are…

🟢 Simple daily scripts
🟢 Tiny Habits
🟢 Powerful prioritization techniques
🟢 and Basic Deep Work Routines

That when combined with 🔴 LIVE accountability lets anyone compress time and finish more work in 7 days than 95% people in a month.

Even if they struggle with procrastination.
Even if they struggle with ADHD and can stay focused for more than 5 minutes
Even if they are easily distracted with shiny objects I can’t stick with their plans

We have put everything together into a step by step process and named it the 7-Day Focus Reboot.

The 7-Day Focus Reboot shortens the process of going from scattered to monk focused.

Here's how it works

As soon as you join you get a copy of the Focus Reboot checklist, this is our way to ensure you make the right steps in order.

We also use it to calculate your Focus Improvement and Time Saved in BS work.

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✅ The first step on this checklist is to measure your Focus Score .

✅ Then setup my Daily Distraction Filter (Removes 40-70% interruptions)

✅ Third step, creating your Monk Mode Protocol, which is the foundation for your ability to focus stay focused for long periods of time even with boring work, even if you struggle with ADHD.

✅ Next step, choosing your Perfect Day Script so that you maximize every hour of your day and make time for focused-high-quality work. – even if your time is limited by your day job, family or any other commitments.

✅ Last step is to Plan Your Most Productive Week Yet using our 80/20 Perfect Week Validator so you prioritize $1000/hr work over low value activities and focus your effort on high-priority tasks that bring in money.

As you can see the 7-Day Focus Reboot prioritizes Execution over Theory unlike many productivity courses out there.

By the end of this 7-Day Focus Reboot, you'll be able to consistently achieve 3+ hours of uninterrupted high-quality work

- without distractions, interruptions or procrastination.

Check Nick's results here…

Nick was able to increase his Focus Score by 146% 😳 and save 6 hours that week.

What would you do with 6 more hours in your week?

That’s almost a full work day FREE.

🤑 Invest more time in your side hustle?
🏖️Take a mini vacation?
🏋️ Hit the gym?

The choice is yours.

Got Questions?

We're always available to answer your Focus Reboot questions so that you can make the best decision for your business & your goals.

Contact us directly via Facebook Messenger or email at javier@finishersecrets.com

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