Achieve More While Doing Less Finally, A Planner To Help You Focus

The Carpe More Diem Planner ends the tyranny of the never-ending to-do
list by helping you focus on what matters most. Thanks to the Time Leadership Framework, the Carpe More Diem Planner allows you to focus on the work that matters most so you can achieve your goals. Carpe More Diem! Don't just seize the day, seize more of it! 

Applications are being accepted for a limited time and I review each one personally.

Eric Schram

Personal Productivity Addict

What Is The CMD Planner Focus Group

For the past 24 years I've been on a quest to not just become the most effective person I can, but to help others to do the same. I've spent thousands of hours and thousands of dollars on courses, masterminds, books, coaching, binders, widgets, apps and anything else you can think of in order to become the most productive person that I can.

Out of this process I have developed my Time Leadership framework and have now put all of my best and most effective tools into one place, the Carpe More Diem Planner, and I want to share it with you!

This Focus Group Is Packed Full Of Benefits & Perks

With the Time Leadership Framework and the Carpe More Diem Planner; you'll be able to tame your to-do list and conquer your goals all while reclaiming more of the day for you! This is what we mean by Carpe More Diem! Don't just seize the day, seize more of it!

Clear Goals

Design meaningful goals and use the planner’s Time Leadership framework to create tasks that move you closer to achievement.

Achieve More
Do Less

The Carpe More Diem Planner allows you to focus on the work that matters most so you can achieve your "more."

Less Overwhelm

Traditional planners have you create long to-do lists that feel impossible to achieve. The Carpe More Diem Planner helps you narrow your list for less overwhelm and more advancement.

Guaranteed Progress

Follow the planner’s planning and prioritization system to guarantee progress on your goals, even when life gets busy.

Focused Productivity

Be more productive, overcome decision fatigue and focus on what matters most. Prioritize your workload, build good habits and make every day count with the "PowerList".

Seize Your
Days Again

You don’t have to feel like you’re losing at work and life. The Carpe More Diem Planner will help you protect your priorities and make time for what matters.

Want To Join Carpe More Diem Planner Focus Group?

I'll help you set your annual goals, and break them down into weekly objectives.
We will prioritize the most important tasks that help you complete your weekly objectives.
By focusing on accomplishing your daily, weekly, and quarterly objectives, achievement is close behind.

Applications accepted for a limited time and I review each one personally.

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