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You Never Get A Second Chance To Make A Good FIRST IMPRESSION

...(but now you can!)

Wouldn't you like to know what people think of you?

When meeting someone new we have less than 30 seconds to make a good first impression. People form an opinion of us from our posture, the way we speak, and the type of handshake we give. Well, would you want to shake hands with someone again if it felt kind of icky the first time around? While it might be possible to eventually turn around a negative first impression, it’s far better to create a positive one to begin with. Making a good first impression – whether in person or via your digital presence – can have a huge impact on your success!  

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Why People Love About This Training...

Jane Shallow

"The key to a great relationship-business or otherwise-is making the first impression count. This training offers the insight you need to master this essential skill and succeed in making that pivotal first meeting one they'll remember."

Adam Clover

"Have you ever felt alone in a room full fo strangers who seem to know everyone except you?...This course is full of examples of real life experiences and postmortem diagnosis that, until now, were limited to those fortunate enough to have been coached. This course is less about first impressions and more about lasting impressions."

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What's In The Training

This training consists of three core parts and 14 modules worth of content!

In this exclusive first look, you will have access to the following modules:

Introduction and Part 1 - The Psychology of First Impressions

In this introduction to part 1, we will help frame the rest of the course and get you up to speed on the necessity of this training. Setting up this training is an important step in helping you understand just how crucial first impressions are and your ability to respond and react to any situation to form a positive and meaningful beginning to any relationships first impression.

How First Impressions are Formed

It may seem rather obvious, but its not! How we are wired and what we naturally look for in our first interactions with someone can have a profound effect on our first impression! We will dive deep into this topic in this module.

How You Make Others Feel

Contrary to popular belief, it is not how you feel about an interaction that creates a positive or negative first impression. In this module we will dive into how you can be aware of and therefore manage how you make others feel in order to get the most out of your first interaction.

The Four Universal Social Gifts

In this module, we break down the Four Universal Gifts that you can give in your first interactions in order to be able to give off the best first impression you can.

About Your Instructor

Eric Schram

A corporate trainer and minister for the past 20 years, Eric knows how to best relate and build great relationships with others. Though his educational and experiential background, he draws upon to help teach his clients and training participants how to build and maintain relationships so that you can seize more of your day and life.

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