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The life-changing 3 step system to get rid of fear, doubt & frustration and become bulletproof

Note: Not all lessons are complete - this is a beta test group  

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Beta ends on July 1 2020, 5PM PST

The Bulletproof Mind Beta Preview will give you the complete 3-Step system to get rid of fear, doubt & frustration and become bulletproof!

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How to Eliminate of all negative thoughts, fear, doubt & frustration  
How to Have Laser-Like Focus and be consistent (you've never heard it like this)  
How to unlock inner poise & confidence and handle anything with clarity, resilience and strength  
11 Powerful, Practical Tools & Processes to neutralize any negative emotion  
Easy-to-Use Tracking Dashboard to finally make mental gains measurable  

Who is Eric Schram?

I grew up as a wildly disliked, frustrated with life, nobody wanted to be around me, I was confused and I was a mental mess. My parents sent me to psychiatrists… people were concerned. 

In 2012 after life decided to smack me across the face, I decided to commit myself to mastering my mind, learning all I could about it and being the best version of myself. I’ve personally spent  well over 10,000 hours on personal and mental development programs and coaches and have studied dozens of philosophies and mental techniques.

Fast forward to today, I built a  thriving personal productivity company, have changed thousands of lives through my keynote and mastermind presentations, and in the last few months, I’ve decided to take the best of the mental knowledge and processes I’ve learned - that have been 99% responsible for my life-turnaround and impact thousands of people - and share them with you!

Everything in life is governed by our mind - and feel that it’s the most important thing we can possibly master.

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