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Join us for a (FREE) 5-day Vision & Planning Course and seize more of your year to make it your most intentional year yet!


Get clear about your most important priorities.


Define your yearly goals.


Set your course of action for the new year!



Clarify your life's vision
Define your most important priorities
Set yearly goals
Create a step-by-step action plan
Restore a healthy daily routine

5 Classes

For 5 days a new video will be delivered to your inbox.

15 Minutes

Each virtual class is roughly 15 minutes.

Personal Plan

A yearly planning workbook is included to build on each day.

Pause and recalibrate as you start the new year.

Often the greatest barrier to personal growth is focusing our time and energy on the wrong things. Action does not necessarily equal progress.

The wisdom and planning resources included in this FREE 5-day course will guide you to a deeper sense of personal clarity and alignment around your most important priorities, and ultimately allow you to seize more of your day, as you dive into this new year.

Special 5-Day Virtual Class! DON'T MISS IT

This once a year class will help you get ready and primed for the new year so that you can not just seize the day, but carpe more life!

Presented by Eric Schram

Productivity junkie and creator of the Time Leadership system and the Carpe More Diem planner.


During the 5-day course, we will be going deep, uncovering the desires and motivations at your core, and filtering your goals to get to your most important priorities.

This may be the best investment of your time all year.

The course begins as soon as you sign up!

 It’s completely FREE to you. We just need you to sign up so we can send you the course materials!

Is this course really free?

In short—yes.

We want you to carpe more life and out of that life, enrich the lives of others. Every person has unrealized potential. This 5-day "virtual retreat" is a resource intended to help you listen to your inner voice, tap into your creative potential, and live with  purpose and intention in the year ahead!

So yes—we put this course together as a gift to you! However, if you know someone else who could benefit, please pass it on!

"This process has helped me realize what's getting in the way of my life's mission."

Tim Neal 

"This process is better than any tool I have ever used for goal setting and taking stock of my life"

Maria González

"Sooo good! So worth the time and investment. Do not hesitate to jump in head first!"

Julie Halstrom

Invest in yourself. Get clear on what matters most and get ready carpe more life!

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