Life is busy! With to-dos, commitments, and responsibilities, it’s not easy carving out time for the things you want. We promise ourselves we’ll get to it later, but that time never comes. Instead, we’re distracted by the next priority, and our big dreams get pushed off – again.

Enter your bucket list. The simple act of writing your bucket list can take you closer to making your dreams a reality. If you’ve yet to start your list, why wait? Check out this blog and get started.

1. Get out of a funk

Even if your life is full and you’re doing a whole heap of things you love, there’s still a chance you’ll slip into habits. For example, you always visit the same bar at the weekends, you take the same kind of vacation, and you read the same genre of books. This scenario is hard to avoid because humans are habitual beings! Doing the same thing over and over again can make life feel stale. Use your bucket list to shake things up and inspire you to use your time in fresh ways. With your list written out, you can explore how to weave your list into your life. You never know; you may discover a new thing that becomes a natural way of life.

2. Focus your desires

It’s easy to believe you’ll always have time – until you don’t. Use your bucket list to make mini commitments to the things you want to do. As strange as it sounds, the simple act of writing your list serves as a mini commitment – taking you one step closer to making dreams a reality. That’s because writing makes your list tangible. It turns thought into the written word. The act of writing also means you’ve had to think about the idea a little more, which makes the vision more tangible. With the concept imprinted on your subconscious mind, you never know what might unfold next!

3. Set goals

Goals help give your life direction. They also help you take control of your time by detailing something specific you want to achieve. Your bucket list can become a goals list – helping you get clear on what you want to tackle now, next, and later. In short, goal-setting and bucket list writing combined is a powerful force to create a life you love.

4. Unleash creativity

Your bucket list permits you to think big and that in itself unleashes creativity. What could you do? Where could you go? How could you make it happen sooner, rather than later? Are there alternative ways to experience the same thing? These kinds of question get you thinking in the world of ‘what ifs?’ and possibilities to unlock a flood of inspiration [which might impact other areas of your life too].

5. Inject excitement

How would it feel to be actively working to check something off your bucket list? For example, how would it feel to save and plan that big road trip or learn the foreign language so you can work in the country that fascinates you? In this way, your bucket list injects excitement and adventure into your life. Write yours to make a statement for what you want out of life – and confirm you’ll make it happen.

6. Push yourself

Some bucket list items tend to be things that feel ‘out there’. Maybe you need to learn new skills, save some money, create more time, or wait until you’re a different age. Other bucket list items require you to be a shade braver. For example, taking a solo trip abroad or doing a parachute jump. You can use courage over comfort type challenges, to explore what becomes possible when you face your fears and do it anyway.

7. Live a fuller life

If you do more of the things you want in your life, not only will you load up on the memories and good times, but you’ll also have fewer regrets for the things you didn’t do.

So dream away knowing your list will infuse adventure today and give you satisfaction for years to come. Surely our biggest hope is to reach the end of our lives with no regrets. A checked off bucket list is the tool that will help you do that.

How to create your bucket list

1. Let go of any can’ts, shoulds, and fears and instead allow your mind [and heart] to play with the things you want to do.

2. Grab a pen and notebook and write down the things you want to do. Think big scale such as walk the Camino de Santiago or Drive Route 66 as well as smaller targets such as try Stand-up Paddle-boarding or visit the local landmark you’ve never managed to scratch off your list.

3. Create a bucket list for different timescales. For example, what do you want to do in the next six months, 12 years, ten years – as well as by the end of your life?

4. Categorize your list into different segments and think broadly about the things you want. [This breakdown also nudges you towards work-life harmony.] For example:

  • Things to do/experiences to have
  • People to connect with
  • Places to visit
  • Books/film/culture hit list

5. Keep your bucket list somewhere you’ll see often, for example, on your fridge, office wall, bathroom mirror, or inside your journal.

6. Revisit frequently – checking off things you’ve done and adding new ideas as they come up. Don’t be surprised if you start making things happen now that your bucket list is written out.

7. Start TODAY – there’s no time like the present and the sooner you start, the sooner you can start making things happen.

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