How To Reset Your Day

Updated December 2, 2019 by Eric Schram

Have you ever had a day that got away from you?
You know, the kind of day that leaves you exhausted, wondering if you got anything done of real substance? I've had plenty of those kinds of days.

About a week ago, my schedule got sidetracked by a few calls that ran overtime, followed by having to pick up one of my kids from school. He was sick and needed to get some rest. The day just got away from me.

A lot of times, our schedules are fluid.  Things come in and then go out.  If you're not careful, a day full of interruptions can turn into a disaster. The relevant question to ask is this: when a day gets away from you, how do you reset?

Resetting is a concept that is simple.  It's like taking a breath in order to proceed with the rest of the day.

Another way of looking at a reset, is as if your day were a computer- sometimes the best thing is to hit the button, restart and get a fresh look at things.

Your physical body plays a big role in the ability to reset. Getting up from your desk helps. Going for a walk is even better.

Getting some cold water into your system is always smart. Changing your environment is smart.

A final part of resetting is to choose a different kind of activity. If you were doing financial work and started to burn out, change it up. If meetings totally killed your day, get some alone time. You get the point.

How will you reset the next time a day gets out of control?

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