Welcome to Week 3 of the Carpe More Diem Reset where we will focus on the Home.

Years ago, I sat in my storage room and looked around at all the stuff. Stuff that hadn’t been used in years and probably never would. Being in that room felt like a weight was on my shoulders. The weight of too much stuff. It was then that I began the decluttering process.

I started in the storage room, then eventually moved my way through the living room, the kitchen, the bedrooms, and finally the closets.

With each newly decluttered room, I began to notice how much it affected my mood – how much lighter I felt. As stated so simply by author Gretchen Rubin, “Outer order, inner calm”. I find this to be so true.

Once the visual noise is cleared, my mind also feels cleared. I love to treat my home like my sanctuary, striving to create a space that brings about peace and tranquility instead of serving as a source of stress. By surrounding myself with possessions that are purposeful and meaningful, I leave room for the things I truly value, both in my physical space as well as my mind.

Daily Focus In the spirit of this week’s theme – Home – below are daily prompts to help you reset & infuse intentionality into your days with a focus on your surroundings.


Declutter One Drawer

Pick one drawer to declutter. Note your mood when you open it the first time and it is nice and tidy!


Laundry Basket Lap

Grab a laundry basket and take a lap around your house. Pick up anything that is out of place and put it in the laundry basket. Next, go through your findings and either put it away, throw it away, or donate it.


Clear Your Nightstand

Keep vour nightstand clear of clutter. Remove everything, then select two or three things to keep on top that are either useful or make you happy. An example might be a lamp, a photo, and a candle.


Create a To-Go Zone

Gather your keys, bag, wallet, coat, shoes, and anything you need to leave the house. Place them in a basket or bin so everything is together. Now, when you’re ready to leave, no more “Where did I put my keys?”


Make Your Bed

Start the day feeling productive which can trickle into the rest of your day. It also sets a positive tone for when it’s time to go to bed after a long day.


Grace Day

Take this day to catch up on a day you missed, or simply rest.


Throw Out Expired Goods

Throw out anything expired – start in your pantry and work your way to bathroom products if vou so desire.

Download the weekly worksheet here!