Welcome to the final week of the Carpe More Diem Reset where we will focus on Routines and Habits.

As a parent and business owner, I have developed a variety of routines and habits that help my day to run more smoothly. I find that having these in place helps me to feel more in control of my day and helps to reduce my stress level by having less decisions to make throughout the day.

The morning routine that I developed allows me to start my day on a positive note and provides me with good momentum that I carry throughout my day:

  1. 5:45am – Wake up
  2. 6:00am – Fill a cup of water and head downstairs to do the workout video I selected the night before.

6:30am – 2-minute meditation followed by reading my devotional of the day.

  1. 6:45am – Quick check over the news highlights.
  2. 7:00am – Make my kids breakfast while drinking my second glass of water.

7:10am – Shower, get dressed, brush teeth.

7:25am – Head out the door for school dropoff.

  1. 7:45am – Post-dropoff coffee date with my wife.
  2. 8:15am – Head home to have a quick breakfast – usually an egg and veggies or green smoothie.

9:00am – Check email and then get started on my top 3 priorities.

I also have an evening routine that helps me to unwind at the end of the day. This puts my mind into a more relaxed state so that I can fall asleep easier and have a deep, restorative sleep.

8pm – Start getting ready for bed while my kids are getting ready too.

8:30pm – Once kids are in bed, I grab a cup of hot tea (or wine!) and a piece of dark chocolate.

  1. 8:45pm – Watch a tv or netflix show to unwind.
  2. 9:30pm – Write in my journal and reflect on the day.

9:45pm – Read a book in bed until I drift off to sleep.

Implementing these routines and habits helps to take the guesswork out of my days. It provides me with a solid structure and ensures that I am prioritizing what matters most.

Daily Focus

In the spirit of this week’s theme – Routines & Habits – below are daily prompts to help you reset & infuse intentionality into your days with a focus on your daily rhythms.


Top 3 For Tomorrow

Set up your day the night before. Write down the top 3 priorities you would like to accomplish tomorrow and start your day with focus and clarity.


Use a Timer

When you want to stay laser focused on the task at hand, try using a timer. Set a timer for a specific block of time – say 30 min – and focus only on that task. Don’t drift into email, doing the dishes, answering a text. Using a timer forces you to commit to the task at hand.


Design a Morning Routine

A morning routine helps set the tone for your day and can help you feel more in control. Your routine can be as simple as waking up, drinking a glass of water, listing out 3 things your grateful for, and maybe do a little stretching.


Design an Evening Routine

An evening routine helps us wind down, relax, and get into a restorative sleep so that we wake up refreshed and ready to take on the next day. This could be as simple as shutting down your phone by 8pm, drinking a hot tea, and reading a book.


Limit Email to 3x’s Per Day

Checking your email continually throughout the day ruins your productivity. Research shows that it takes up to 23 minutes to regain your focus each time you switch gears. Try checking your inbox today at 8am, 12pm, and 5pm see how much more you get accomplished.


Grace Day

Take this day to catch up on a day you missed, or simply rest.