Why is it that every single high performance athlete out there is training with a coach? Why do they need a coach? What do winning athletes have to learn from their coach? If the coaches were so good, wouldn’t they be competing themselves? And why can’t athletes train and win competitions on their own? After all, there are countless training programs out there. All the information they need is readily available. Clearly, athletes are not lazy, they could just educate themselves and do it on their own.

…But they don’t. They don’t because education alone rarely produces behavioural change. Winning athletes have a SYSTEM.

I find it interesting that “experts” seem to believe that education is the solution to the high failure rate of startups. If that were the case, why hasn’t it worked for all the businesses that failed last year, the year before, and the year before that? This year too, 80% of new businesses will fail. Simply educating people is not enough. If it were, why has your business not taken off already? You have access to all the information you need online. Why aren’t you earning triple what you were earning last year?

Because just giving out information doesn’t produce behavioural change. Reading one more book, one more blogpost, more random free information on the internet isn’t going to turn everything around. But a well thought out, well executed strategy will.

I know you want to succeed. If you’re like most people out there, you’re thinking: I really “should” read about all this business stuff, I should figure out how to use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or whatever, I should read about how to write a marketing plan, I should learn how to create a viral video, I should come up with a strategy to be more productive. But you’re not going to. Why do I know you’re not going to? Because we do what we know. If you haven’t done it last year, you’re not going to do it this year. When it comes to individuals, past performance and past behaviour is the best predictor of future behaviour.

Education alone rarely produces behavioural change but finding a SYSTEM and somebody you trust really works. The SYSTEM matters.

First, the SYSTEM makes you focus on doing the right task at the right time. When athletes go to the gym to train, they don’t mess around asking themselves what they should be doing right now. Their coach keeps them on task. They trust their coach. They trust the program their coach has developed for them. After all, it’s the coach’s job to spend all of their free time learning about perfecting the system. The coach figures out the best training program. The athlete dedicates themselves to doing their absolute best. The coach perfects the system. The athlete perfects the task.

Second, the SYSTEM makes you get off your butt. Because you are paying, you don’t put it off till later. Because you pay, you value it far more than any random information you will find on the internet.

So what does this all mean?

If you want to get results, find a mentor or coach that can walk you through the steps that will create a winning strategy. Clueless people look at random tactics. They jump on the latest social media platform, the shiny budgeting software, the fanciest productivity tool. Smart people see beyond that and realize any individual tactic is just a random tactic — but a SYSTEM that creates an overarching strategy is profoundly important.

You’re already doing all the work. So why not get the benefits from doing it right. Athletes know that even subtle changes can have immediate astonishing results.

When athletes train with their coach, they don’t have to think. They don’t have to worry about the logistics of how to get to the next competition. They don’t get sidetracked by the media. They just get to work, do what their coach says, and know the results will come. It’s the same way I want you to think about growing yourself and being more productive.

If you trust the content I have provided here, if you trust the results I’ve gotten for many other high achievers, and if you could go out and find all the info you need on your own but prefer to go with a system you trust, that works, and produces results, then, I think getting your own personalized action plan might be something you want to consider.